5 Tips For Exceptional Job Search


Stay Positive and motivated during the job search by:

  1. Coming up with job search goals

Treat your job search as a project with tangible goals. Figure out how many hours per week you will be focusing on the job search and assign the hours to specific tasks with related goals. For example, 10 hours will be spent networking with the goal of connecting with five people per week. Having weekly tasks and goals keeps you focused.

  1. Not getting lazy

Just because you don’t have a job to go to doesn’t mean you should lounge around. Aim to make things happen! Treat job searching like your full-time job. Before getting the day started, freshen yourself up as you would for work and stick to a routine for job searching. You may start the day with checking email, making phone calls, then applying to jobs by lunch and leaving the afternoon to networking with others and researching for other job opportunities. When you stick to a schedule, you work more efficiently and there’s less of a chance for you to get lazy.

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5 Ways To Maintain Work-Place Etiquette

workplace etiquette

Head offices are mostly at a certain distance from cubicles. It is essential to maintain certain behaviors during official hours and also when you are within the office environment.

Don’t use regional languages:

You should avoid talking to team members in group meetings in your regional languages as the others (one who doesn’t belong to same region) might feel excluded

Be sure with communication:

In most of the MNC companies employees interact with each other over emails, video conferencing and chats. So make sure you are expressing yourself very well in terms of your ideas to team members

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Five Things Which Will Help You Land A Job In Startup


Be Present on Social Media

Startups rely heavily on social platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter to find potential candidates. These days Social media platforms has been an interesting tool for start-up companies for recruitment. So being active on social networks can be helpful.
Sell your Experience

In start-up companies recruiters prefer candidates who can perform independently rather than depending on others for his work. Since you want to be the part of the start-up company you may need to work for various department rather than being specific to one area which can be quite helpful in long run.

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What Should You Know Before Changing Careers?

career change decision

  1. Make sure you can live on what your new career pays

Whatever your dream job is the first thing you need to do is make sure you can survive on whatever you’ll make. Research the positions you’re interested in and head over to Glassdoor to get the options regarding your career.

  1. Revise the skills required for that career

It goes without saying that before you can make a smooth move into a new career or field, you’ll need the skills required to be applicable in that field. Here are a few ways to get your skill set up to par:

  • Research About Your Field
  • Build Your Network In That Field
  • Strengthen Your Resume

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Six Interview Mistakes That Should Be Avoided

interview mistakes


Following are the worst things that can happen in job interview:

Show up late or too early

You are trying to prove your worthiness for the job you are interviewing for, and showing up late is a sign of potentially poor behavior in the future. If an emergency comes up, try to call to let the interviewer know. Remember that it’s also best not to show up too early. If you arrive an hour early for your interview, you risk looking overeager, and you may also inconvenience the staff at the business.

Wear inappropriate clothes

In the long run, the work you perform will matter more than the clothes you wear at your job. However, first impressions matter, so you need to dress appropriately for your interview.

Badmouth a previous boss

It can be difficult to explain why you left a previous company or why you are looking to leave, and this is especially true if you have been fired in the past. However, resist the urge to badmouth a previous boss or coworkers. This will make you look spiteful and hard to get along with.

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Recruitment Issue In Middle-East


The employment market in the Middle East is coming under increased strain, research says. Career progression was a recurring issue for professionals working in the region, as was a feeling they needed to deliver more for less. Job security is a major concern, with one respondent claiming that “permanent, full time employment is a dream for many professionals”. Though, The Middle East has always been attractive for investors and job seekers alike because of the fast-paced growth in the region. The recruiting market is highly competitive in sectors such as the fashion and tourism industry due to the influx of great demand here.

Recruiting Issues in the Middle East

Scarcity Of Available Talent:   

Many jobs in the Middle East are created each year as a result of flourishing economies that continue to drive innovation forward. With banking as a major industry along with oil and gas, the number of available qualified and experienced job-seekers to fill the vacancies is lacking. Middle East employers prefer hiring locals due to the fact that expatriate employees are for short-term employment rather than long-term.

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How To Select The Right Career?

Right Career Choice

To select the right career for you keep in mind the following points:

Consider your interest

There is an old saying that in case you’re attempting to pick a profession, you ought to consider what you would do in the event that you didn’t need to work. On the off chance that you had a million dollars and you could do anything, what might you do? Your response to that question, while possibly not truly the best profession decision for you, may give you insight into what you should do.

  • For example, on the off chance that you like playing computer games, think about turning out to be as a computer game architect, software engineer, or Quality Analysis master.
  • If you like drawing, think about turning out to be as a graphic designer
  • If you like sports, consider getting confirmed as a coach

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7 Helpful Tips Of Going Ahead In Your Career

going ahead in career


Be Different: Never consider yourself best instead you should believe that you are different. As best reduces the list of competitors ahead of you while different makes you compete with them in a unique way and stand out from the crowd. Choice is yours what you want to become best or different.
Be Smart: Everyone has idea that switching companies leads to earn more money. Therefore be smart and switch the company rather than just sticking with one company for more than three years. Research says that sticking to one company can make you earn 50% less than what you can earn while switching the companies.

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Things You Should Do Before Going For Job Interview

job interview

Research the organization

Feel free to appear, then ask what the organization does and how its composed. The message: You’re simply searching for a paycheck and couldn’t care less where it originates from. The organization you’re going to meeting with is going to do their own exploration on you. What do you think about the organization? You’ll need to hotshot some of that examination in the prospective employee meeting. Tell them you’re so put resources into this organization that you’ve taken eventually to figure out who is in control, what it is that they do consistently and how you can fit in and have any kind of effect. Verify you’ve checked the organization’s site, yearly reports and some other related data like press discharges and news stories.

Having some foundation information through exploration will serve you well. You would prefer not to appear to be presumptuous, yet to make a decent impression, certainty is key. It’s the exploration you do early that will give you the sort of learning to help you stand tall

Know Every Bit of Your Resume

Verify you know your resume all around. That is the archive your questioner is going to use to make inquiries. Study it as though you’re packing for a last test of the year where an A will be an absolute necessity. Furthermore, be arranged to answer pointed inquiries concerning it. Why did you leave that occupation after only six months? Why you never completed that graduate degree? What were your occupation obligations at that employment five years prior? In what capacity will those courses you took decipher into helping the organization?

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10 Tricks To Make Your Resume Effective


effective resume

Writing an effective and creative resume that gets results can be a daunting task. But if a few of the simple things are taken care of, your chances of being shortlisted for the interview enhance significantly. Here are a few of the tips that will be immensely beneficial for any candidate, irrespective of the industry or organization they are applying to.

Be Clear: Determine your job search objective prior to writing the resume and structure the content of your resume around that objective only. If you write your resume without having a clear objective in mind, it will come across as unfocussed to those who read it.

Purpose of resume: You don’t need to go into detail about every accomplishment. Strive to be clear and concise. The purpose of your resume is to generate enough interest in you, to have an employer contact you for an interview.

No grammatical mistake: The language should be simple; the flow of language should be simple and grammar absolutely correct. The format must be chosen carefully and consistency should be maintained throughout. Use a font size no smaller than 10 point

Use Bullets: To improve the presentation and comprehension, use bulleted sentences. Resumes are read quickly (a resume gets an attention of 30 sec on an average) this bulleted sentence format makes it easier for someone to quickly scan your resume and still absorb it. Take the time to determine which bullets most strongly support your job search objective. Put those strong points first where they are more apt to be read.

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