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How Do Recruiters Find Promising Students On Social Media?

Using LinkedIn to recruit Many business owners use LinkedIn to find and recruit talented students. This social networking site is designed to make it easy for recruiters to find job-seekers. That is why many students looking for jobs have LinkedIn profiles. A LinkedIn profile is very much like an online CV. That does not mean that LinkedIn… Read More How Do Recruiters Find Promising Students On Social Media?

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Top 5 useful HR trends for 2019 1. Personalisation Historically HR has focused very much on standardization and “One-Size-Fits-All”. Making the shift to an approach where the individual needs, wishes, and capabilities of candidates and employees are the starting point is difficult. Traditionally, many HR-practices take the needs of the organisation as the starting point.… Read More


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Morpheus Consulting has been associated with us since a while now. Finally, we found a consulting firm who is good with sourcing Sr. positions us and that too within the right time. It’s always a pleasure doing business with Morpheus!