5 Resume Mistakes To Avoid

Resume Mistakes

Grammatical Mistakes

Grammatical error in resume sounds a small error but in real it can kill your prospect with recruiter. The easy way to avoid grammatical mistakes is to tell someone else to proof-read your resume as with their help your resume can be typos error-free.

Ignoring Keywords

Right keywords should be added for your resume as most times resumes prior to physical approach are evaluated electronically. Improper use of keywords can land you in a place where your resume doesn’t even get shortlisted in first electronic screening round of resumes

Outdated Resume

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Job Search Plan

Job Search Plan Introspect

Understand your skills, knowledge and according to that plan an organization you would like to work for. And be smart enough to make the best use of your talent in that organization.

Allocate time

Applying for job is quite time consuming spending your whole day in it is pointless as you can allocate the remaining part of your time in some other essential work. It is advisable to utilize the first half of the day in following up with the companies you have applied for.

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6 Email Etiquette That You Should Be Familiar With

email etiquette

It’s been more than 2 decades that we had started using emails which make the topic sound purposeless But it’s not true there are lot of features, which are listed below, that has to keep in mind before composing an email:

TO,CC and BCC:

“To” is for the individual or individuals who has to act upon the email while the persons in “CC- Carbon Copy” are supposed to keep an eye on the email and are not responsible for the reply of the email. Individuals in “BBC-Blind Carbon Copy” are the ones who can read the mail without the knowledge of main recipient as well as the Bcc’d recipients.

Subject Line:

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Success Is An Iceberg

success is an iceberg

Everyone is familiar with the phrase “Hardwork is key to success”. Many people thinks that luck is the only solution for success while many others believe that success includes compromise, persistence, dedication, failures. To conclude it, I consider that “Success is an iceberg”. We all are acquainted with the structure of the iceberg which floats in the sea. Only a small portion of the iceberg is visible while the large portion is hidden under the water. Iceberg can be perfectly related with the success. Achievement can be seen by everyone which is compared with visible portion of the iceberg while the people is least bothered with the struggle behind that success which has been compared with the bottom of the iceberg. Let’s take a look on some quotes by successful people:

Hard work

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Top 6 Best Industries To Work In

best industries to work in

Employment services

Consulting is also considered as the best industry to work in. If you are in the search of high challenging environment, consulting is what you are looking for. Joining a consulting firm is one of the quickest and most effective ways to build a vast and valuable network. While working in consulting you can learn team-work, you can also have great learning curve across different verticals.

Real Estate

Real Estate is considered as one of the best industries to work in. With the fact that population is increasing every year which results in more demand of real estate agents, brokers, architects. On every sale real estate provides huge commission  along with the flexibility in managing work at anytime. It’s an extra ounce of liberty that makes it easier to maintain a life outside of the office.

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Advice To Succeed In Your First Job

First Job Advice

As a fresher to make your first job successful you need to make following transitions:

  1. Love your job:

To be successful in your first job you need to love what you do. Looking for ideal job in order to be happy in life is a myth. In-fact the truth is we need to adapt ourselves to anything we do. As a fresher you should give a try to opt for startup companies which will pay less but you will get to learn many things which prove to be very much helpful for your future. Being a fresher you should not be bothered about the money; knowledge should be your main aim.

  1. Keep patience:

Start of your career can be quite challenging. You need to face many ups and downs while keeping in mind that every day cannot be a good day in a professional life. Remember, don’t get discouraged when things don’t go your way and find ways to always stay motivated and productive. And if you want a job in your passion you need to have lots of patience. Always search for someone who is more experienced than you and the one to whom you respect also.

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5 Tips For Exceptional Job Search


Stay Positive and motivated during the job search by:

  1. Coming up with job search goals

Treat your job search as a project with tangible goals. Figure out how many hours per week you will be focusing on the job search and assign the hours to specific tasks with related goals. For example, 10 hours will be spent networking with the goal of connecting with five people per week. Having weekly tasks and goals keeps you focused.

  1. Not getting lazy

Just because you don’t have a job to go to doesn’t mean you should lounge around. Aim to make things happen! Treat job searching like your full-time job. Before getting the day started, freshen yourself up as you would for work and stick to a routine for job searching. You may start the day with checking email, making phone calls, then applying to jobs by lunch and leaving the afternoon to networking with others and researching for other job opportunities. When you stick to a schedule, you work more efficiently and there’s less of a chance for you to get lazy.

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5 Ways To Maintain Work-Place Etiquette

workplace etiquette

Head offices are mostly at a certain distance from cubicles. It is essential to maintain certain behaviors during official hours and also when you are within the office environment.

Don’t use regional languages:

You should avoid talking to team members in group meetings in your regional languages as the others (one who doesn’t belong to same region) might feel excluded

Be sure with communication:

In most of the MNC companies employees interact with each other over emails, video conferencing and chats. So make sure you are expressing yourself very well in terms of your ideas to team members

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Morpheus Human Consulting Franchisee


Why Morpheus Human Consulting Franchise?

Morpheus Human Consulting Has:

  • Experience of more than 10 years in recruitment services and other HR Services.
  • Tied up with reputed companies from India and abroad.
  • Commercially and technically viable and proven project
  • Low investment and minimum risk
  • Reasonable ROI (Return On Investment)

Who will the Franchising appeal to?

  • Like-minded entrepreneurs who want to build their own HR Services business and want to benefit from established market name and know how.
  • Existing independent Recruitment consultants who want to access powerful network technology, a market leading website and retain an element of the goodwill associated with their particular name.
  • Existing Recruitment Company or Consultants seeking to fast track their own business, and use their Morpheus name to benefit from an established operating model and system.

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Process Flow At Morpheus Consulting

process flow in Morpheus human Consulting

Client Acquisition:

We have detailed discussions with the Client, so that our consultant not only knows the technical requirements of a role but also understand the client organisation, its culture, challenges and opportunities to ensure there is a lasting fit and the attractions of the role are fully understood.

Client Briefing:

During the discussion with the client we review and agree any target companies or markets of particular interest and address compensation and culture issues.

Candidate Acquisition:

Candidates are approached by our consultants in absolute confidence and, where appropriate, they are met to discuss the opportunity, the scope for advancement and their ‘fit’ for the role. This may necessitate several discussions with the candidates.

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