6 Tips For A Successful Career Change

6 Tips For A  Successful Career Change

Here are our seven most important questions to ask yourself when you’re considering a career change

Could you fix what’s wrong with your current job?

When you’re considering a career change, sometimes it’s wiser to try to fix the problems with an existing job instead of stepping into the unknown with a new one. Does your dissatisfaction come from the job itself, or is it more to do with a difficult boss or a feeling of boredom that might pass, given time? Is there something you could do to change that? Could you find a job in a different department within the same company? Could you ask for a promotion to keep you engaged, or a pay rise to make you feel more valued? It’s worth exploring every avenue of possibility before you decide to make that big move.

Have you done the necessary self-reflection to find out what you really want from a new career?

A frank, thorough self-assessment of your values, skills, passions and interests is crucial when you’re considering a career change. That way you’ll be much clearer on whether a new career is really the answer. List out the things you love doing, the things you dislike, take a personality or assessment test to figure out what makes you tick, and ask yourself whether your passions and values align with the type of job or industry you’re interested in. For a more objective view, it can be helpful to ask a trusted colleague or boss about how they would describe you and your strengths and skills, as well as areas for development. Understand yourself fully, and you’ll be much more likely to enjoy and succeed in the new career you’ve set your sights on.

Are you being realistic?

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Six Things You Should Always Include In Your Resume

6 Things You Should Always Include in Resume Morpheus Consulting

To ensure your resume stands out (for the right reasons), there are a few things you’ll want to avoid, and some you’ll definitely want to include. Whether to include things like an objective statement, list of skills, and education will depend on your level of experience and industry.

Here are six simple things you should always include on your resume, no matter what:

Contact Information

This may seem obvious – but candidates sometimes forget to include basic information, like their email address, or they bury it at the very bottom. Include your name, phone number, email, and URL to your LinkedIn profile right at the top of the page and you don’t need to include your home address. Some people will include their home and cell numbers but multiple contact choices seems to be confusing. Make it easy for your reader to understand how to contact you.

Keywords from the job posting

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Honoured With Emerging Company Award For Human Resources By Indian Achievers Forum

Honoured  With Emerging Company Award For Human Resources

Morpheus Human Consulting has been approved for the prestigious “Emerging Company Award” selected among the various other organization of the respective field and region by Indian Achievers Summit. Hundreds of other delegates from different fields will be participating in the summit. This summit is especially organized to highlight the achievements by Indian Entrepreneurs.

The award “Emerging Company Award For Human Resources” will be conferred to Kailash Shahani by the Senior Leaders and prominent personalities for the outstanding contribution towards progress and development of Indian economy and society.


4 Qualities That Recruiter Should Have

4 Qualities That Recruiter Should Have


The recruiter should be an expert here. Apart from being able to extract every hidden motive of the probable candidate, he should be able to convey clearly the visions of the company.  The candidate understands the company through you. The way you say, the way he perceives. Mind It.!

Understanding of roles that company is hiring For

Hiring a candidate for a particular role is no child’s play. The recruiter should first have no doubts about the role he is hiring for. For a candidate who is good at marketing may not be good at promotional sales.

Strong Understanding Of The Domain

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Strategies To Shine In Your Dream Job Interview


No matter what your dream job is, the moves you make during the interview will determine your future. Here are some tips that can help.

Why are you really interested in this particular position?

You’re applying for this particular job, not a foot in the door. Instead of simply saying the company’s a great place to work, try to give specific reasons to why you think so. You can start like “Here are the three main reasons I’m interested in this position.” Instead saying “I’ve heard that Company A is a great place to work!”

How are your skills applicable to this particular position?

Often candidates rattle off what’s on their resume a checklist of job titles and skills. This doesn’t answer the question of why you’re applying. Instead, you should try to add what’s not on the resume, and how your skills could help the company.

Do you know enough about the company and position you’re applying for?

It’s not OK to just Google the company and pretend you’ve done your homework to learn about the position. Find out as much as you can not only about the company, but also about the position you’re applying for, the team you’ll be part of, and the hiring manager herself. That includes getting the hiring manager’s name right.

Have you put enough thought and effort into the position you’re applying for?

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Best Companies to Work For In 2015

top 10 companies to work for

Seven hundred companies signed up for India’s Best Companies to Work for 2015. Over 1.8 lakh employees across 20 sectors were surveyed, making this the most comprehensive survey of workplace culture in India. Let’s take a look at the top 10 Best companies to work for in 2015.

RMSI, Rank: 1

RMSI is an IT services company based in the National Capital Region offering GIS (geographic information system), modeling & analytics and software services. The company edged past Google India, which has consistently topped the survey for five consecutive years. RMSI had topped the rankings in 2009. For almost a year now, RMSI has been busy communicating its core values, mission, culture and vision across to all its employees. The company focuses on simple employee engagement practices like holding timely workshops to help employees develop life skills.

Google India, Rank: 2

At Google, an HR activity that translates into employee satisfaction is that they can play a role in managing how their careers are shaped. Every employee takes ownership of their career. They manage their own career and are supported by their managers in the process. This process helps employees feel a sense of empowerment to take critical decisions about what they want to do as a next step to build their career. They are also working on building a more transparent HR system where there isn’t just an annual performance appraisal by managers and peers but also a system by which employees can evaluate their colleagues to give real time feedback. Google has also put its weight behind preventive health checkups for spouses of employees (unique to India) as well as educating employees against unconscious biases.

Marriott Hotels, Rank: 3

Every person who works for Marriott is called an ‘associate,’ not an employee. Many of the employees have worked for more than 10 years, even as Marriott in India is just 15 years old. Marriott’s culture is simple – ‘Take care of the associates’. The company has retained this policy for almost 86 years. They believe that this makes the employees take care of their customers and which in turn helps in customers coming back to their properties.

American Express, Rank: 4

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How To Get Noticed By Recruiter In 6 Ways.



1. Put Yourself Out There

Assuming you already have a presence on LinkedIn, there are a few simple ways to use the platform to make yourself easy for hiring managers and recruiters to find you.

  • Add examples of your work (i.e., presentations, articles, projects, videos) that show off your talent.
  • Ask colleagues, former co-workers, and clients for recommendations
  • Write and share interesting blog posts on your topics of expertise, which—if you have a point of view and strong writing skills—will get read, shared, and liked.
  • Optimize your profile for keywords so that you’ll come up in search results.

2. Build a Social Media Following

Are there specific brands and companies you’re interested in working for? If so, follow them on social media channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Share their news with your own circle so they can see that you’re helping to spread the word about what they’re doing. If it’s a small company, there’s a good chance the social media manager will notice and follow you back. As per research, 52% of hiring managers are checking candidates’ social media presence before reaching out. So, be smart and use this as an opportunity to make yourself look smart and up on the latest trends relevant to your industry.

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Is it the time to look for another job?



1. Has your job become monotonous?

In order to advance in your career there is a need for the continuous acquisition of new skills and knowledge. If you acquire more knowledge your foundation will become stronger and you will have ability to grasp even more knowledge. If you are not doing any challenging work your professional development will start to stall. In that case, ask the manager for more responsibilities and challenging work. You can also raise the hand for volunteering in things like contribution in trade magazine or speaking at agreements. In case you want to face new challenges consistently there are always many things you can be part of.

2. Not interested with your new job responsibilities?

If your company has changed course in terms of products or services, or if your responsibilities have changed, you might not be enjoying the day-to-day tasks as much as you once did. Find out whether the change is permanent or if you’ll be doing more interesting work again in the future. At the same time, it’s also possible that you’ve simply become more interested in another professional area that your current employer doesn’t cover.

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You got the job ? Now What…

got the job
Realize getting the job is not an Achievement

No doubt everyone’s first step is to get the job. But after that also no one can rely on that job for long- term security. You can lose your job anytime when Manager feels that your work is invaluable for the organization. Don’t waste your valuable time over things like, “I have just joined the organization and need to know the people around me”, “Satisfied with the salary plus incentives provided by the organization and hence early start in the work is of no use.”

Care a little more than everyone else.

There are many people who don’t care about the excellence or their growth in the organization and also least care about the customer services. When you show a little extra care to the client as compared to the other people in the company you are likely to get more business compared to others. Not only this, the satisfied clients can also refer you.

Know what other people in your organization are working on.

Connect people within your organization. Spend time thinking about who in your external network can help you with your work. Become a bridge builder. Bring opportunities, new deals, more business, or increased media exposure. Assistants are easy to replace. Cubicle employees are being commoditized. It is quite difficult to find a bridge builder. They are the one who knows how to connect with others and is impossible to replace. Your boss knows this. You should too. If you want a promotion, become a master connector. If you like people and want to succeed in life, become a master connector.

Think and Leverage.

Even if it is your first day on the job, think about what your ideal next move would be. One more essential thing to add here, don’t leave chance to prove yourself at any point of time. Cultivate new skills within the organization. Get new ideas on the table and discuss that with your boss so that you are valuable to the organization and can get long term stability with promotion in the same organization.




5 Ways To Be Efficient At Networking Etiquettes

networking etiquette

Don’t be Shy

The first rule of networking is to not just sit on the sidelines. Being an introvert will not help. Do not shy away if you have to take lead to get a conversation going. You just need to get out of your comfort zone first. Don’t be a wallflower and stick to one corner of the room. Instead, introduce yourself to as many new people in the room as you can.

Do not Hard Sell

It is better to warm up first rather than straight away jumping to sell your product or service. While networking, one must remember to first get comfortable with the new connections and this may take time. It is better to wait rather than jump the gun.

Never run out of Business Cards 

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