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“Dear Mr. Kailash,

Greetings of the day!

First i would like to thank you for your prompt reply even with a bad news. I highly appreciate your kind attention to my application and i am confident you will be able to find the best for my carrier growth.

It is my pleasure indeed to get connected with a company like yours and i hope very soon you will contact me again with some good offers.


Thank you very much in advance.

Best Regards”

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7 Ways How Not to React After a Job Interview

7 Ways How Not to React After a Job Interview

1)Don’t Pester the Hiring Manager with Too Many Calls.

-After your job interview, the worst thing you can do as a prospective employee is to annoy your potential employer by consistently calling them up or emailing them about the status of your interview. You should not follow up on your application too much after your interview.

2)Don’t Connect with your Interviewer outside their Professional Boundary.

-You should not show your interest in the person hiring you by adding them on their social media or connecting with them through LinkedIn right after your interview is done. This will have a negative impact on them about you. It’s better to leave the connections until after your application has been approved.

3)Don’t pretend to have the job before they have announced.

– Another biggest turn off employers have faced is when an applicant calls them and pretend that they have already nailed the interview and have got the job. For the interviewer this shows that the person is arrogant and over confident of getting the post. This might back fire as even if that person is rightly suited for the job, he will not be hired.

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5 C’s in becoming a better sales person

5 Cs in becoming a better sales person

  1. Be Competitive:  In order to be a highly successful sales person, you must be competitive in nature.  As a sales person you must compete for your company to sell your product against its competitors. They must also compete against their colleagues to be the top sales person within the company and set the targets as high as they can achieve.
  2. Be Charismatic: – A charismatic person has the ability to form a sense of connection or understanding between themselves and their prospects. Customers view truly charismatic salespeople as not just sales reps hawking a product or service, but someone who they can have a real meaningful conversation with.
  3. Be Confident: – To go with charismatic behavior, a Sales person must show confidence and actively believe in what they are doing. They shouldn’t be fearful in receiving a negative reply from a customer or risk losing a potential customer. They also shouldn’t be over–confident in selling a product as that might freak out the customer completely.
  4.  Be Communicative In order to be a good sales person, you must naturally be a good and effective communicator. You must be able to express your thoughts, clear and concisely to your customers.  Even if you have a good sales pitch, chances are if you aren’t able to communicate it properly to your customers, you will fail in making a successful deal.
  5. Be a Critical Thinker One of the most important trait a sales person should have is to be a critical thinker. A good sales person should always think outside the box. Every sale that a sales person conduct wouldn’t be the same and hence they should be prepared for anything the customer might ask. A good sales person must be able to adapt to the situation and pitch a deal with the customer, which will benefit both people.

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Commonly asked questions in Interviews

commonly asked questions

If you are going for your first interview, you will be anxious to know what questions they are going to ask you and what you will answer. The key in acing your interview is by answering those questions in the right way.

here are some of the questions that most Employers ask while hiring for their Company.

So tell me about yourself

We assure you that you will come across this question and the best way to answer this is by shortening your life story and by being conscience about what is relevant to getting you that job. Start with saying your name, where you are from, what you are doing/studying and why you are here for this interview.

Why do you want to work here?

Don’t be rash and say something like “I need money to pay back my loans or I need this job for my visa status “say something that connects your needs with the companies need. Do a research on why the company is looking for candidates and relate to what they are looking for.

What are your greatest strengths?

Keep this as job related as possible by relating to a job or skill that you know to be an asset of yours. “I like traveling and making new friends” is not a good answer.

What are you greatest weakness?

This question is asked to test your honesty. However, you don’t have to be too blunt in explaining all your weakness. If you don’t know how to use some software or have less experience in a field, let them know that.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

For this question, don’t give out any naïve answers. Say what you would achieve with this company or what post you want to hone by then. “I hope to have enhanced my experience in this field and hopefully I am working on bigger projects by then”

Tell me about a time you faced a challenge

Everyone must have faced a challenge at some point in your life. Talk about why you had that challenge and what you did to bounce back from it. You can also talk about what you had learned from this experience. Avoid answering anything over confident like “I have not faced any challenges yet”.


6 tips to dress professionally for an interview

Tips for job interview


When you go for a job interview, you make your first contact with your potential employer and it’s always best for you to give them a great first impression. Here are some tips that you can use to look professional and confident when you go for your interview.

Feel comfortable

You should wear your attire that you are comfortable with. This will prevent you from twitching on your seat that makes you and your interviewee look uncomfortable. So wear something lose that let you feel light.

Limit Jewelry

Not just women, but even men should limit wearing swaying earrings, loud bracelets and other unnecessary accessories that might cause distraction. Flashy jewelry will also be a distraction for the recruiter to keep eye contact with you

Don’t overuse perfume.

It’s good to smell fresh and attractive. But don’t over use perfumes or deodorant which will let you be that unwanted standout person in the room. The recruiters shouldn’t remember you for having that distinct smell.

Hide your piercings and tattoos

Tattoos and piercing are the latest trend among young adults. However, it doesn’t show a professional character when you apply for a job. It is better if you have any markings covered and made invisible to your employer.

Have a back up

It’s always good to have a backup shirt just in case you happen to get some dirt, sauce or some stain while you are on your way to your interview. Even if you plan not to take the public transport or not to have a meal before your interview, you might still be prone to have an accident because of someone else.  You don’t want to be in those commercials!

Look good, feel great

Have a shower, comb your hair, and look as if you are going on a date with a celebrity. You shouldn’t always rely on deos to cover up your smell. Also don’t forget to have some mints before you walk in.

Ask if you are not sure

If you are not sure what you should wear for your interview, don’t be afraid to ask your employer. It doesn’t give out any negative impression about you and you don’t end up having a dilemma on what you should be wearing that morning for your interview.

Microsoft buys Linkedin for $26.2B

Microsoft Acquires Linkedin

Technology giant Microsoft announced on 13th June that it would buy the largest professional social media website – LinkedIn for $196/share totaling up to $26.2 billion. Microsoft will have to pay a $725 million termination fee if the deal is to fail. The deal is set to become accretive in 2019.  Microsoft restated its intention to complete its existing $40 billion share repurchase authorization by Dec. 31, 2016.

LinkedIn was started in 2002 and is now the largest professional social network, with over 100 million active monthly users and over 430 million accounts. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella proclaimed the merging is being done to improve both companies by integrating LinkedIn’s content and network with Microsoft’s cloud computing and productivity tools. CEO Satya Nadella said in the blog post. “The LinkedIn team has grown a fantastic business centered on connecting the world’s professionals. Together we can accelerate the growth of LinkedIn, as well as Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics as we seek to empower every person and organization on the planet.”

LinkedIn’s shares had been in a decline, with a reported 43% fall in February. They were struggling by themselves with poor projections for the year and now Microsoft will be paying a 50% premium on the company’s previous share of $131.

LinkedIn’s CEO Jeff Weiner said “Just as we have changed the way the world connects to opportunity, this relationship with Microsoft, and the combination of their cloud and LinkedIn’s network, now gives us a chance to also change the way the world works,”

Microsoft’s shares were down by 3.6% in premarket trading while LinkedIn’s shares raised high up following the merging announcement.

It is reported that Jeff Weiner will remain the CEO of LinkedIn and will report to Satya Nadella.

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5 Things Successful People do

things succesfull people do

There are certain people that appear in your mind when you think about success. They are people like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, or Larry Page. The truth is that what successful people do daily, the things that define them, are actually small careful actions they do daily.

Below you will find a list of tips that will help guide you to a more fulfilled life.

Focus on one thing at a time

Even if you’re the best multitasker on the planet, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re productive.And although work might be getting done using this tactic, it’s probably not going to be completed to the best of your abilities. After all, splitting your attention over four things equals to only quarter of your effort going in – meaning the likelihood of mistakes increases, and your standards slipping. Focus on being productive rather than being busy.

Wake up early

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7 Tips for preparing walkin interviews



A walk-in interview is a job screening that happens without an appointment or scheduled meeting. They are common at career fairs and informal meet-and-greet sessions, and they tend to be relatively short and often consist of only a few questions. Here are 7 tips for help you in walkin Interviews

1)  Be calm and self-assured

The first important thing in an interview is to remain calm and self-assured. It doesn’t matter how many people are there for interview. You should be confident about yourself. This will help you to focus on question asked and answer them gracefully.

2) Keep your documents organized and ready

You should always keep documents in organized file. So that when asked for documents you can easily handover them in tense conditions. It will save your time

3) Be prepared well

When you see walk-in advertisement be sure you read it carefully and prepare yourself accordingly. You should be aware of company requirements.

4) Keep resume updated

Carry a copy of updated resume, mention skills which you are confident about. Also be prepared for common interview question like “why should company hire you?”

5)  Be honest

Honesty is the best policy. If you don’t know answer say “NO” politely. No one is perfect in this world. This will create long lasting impression.

6) Be confident

Be confident about yourself but please don’t be arrogant and keep bragging about yourself. Interviewer can ask twisted question to check your confidence. Answer only if you are confident.

7) Know your interviewer

Always make sure to know the person whom you going to meet in an interview. Remember his name or carry his business card with you.


Walk-in Interview For Property Consultant in Dubai



Myth about Job Search

Myth about Job Search

If you are one of those who left university with no idea what you wanted to do, keep calm you are not alone. If your degree is special related to specific industry go for it.

So where should you start if your degree is not industry specific?

Begin your job search thinking where your strength lays and jobs which suited for you. Like working with team or on your own? What you enjoy about you degree and previous work experience. Make a list of your skills and key strengths. By this you start searching your interested jobs or jobs specially tailored to you

One of the most prevalent misconceptions in job-hunting is that job-hunting on the Web is some magic elixir that will result in employers lining up to interview you. While job-hunting on the Web should be one component of a job search for most job-seekers, it should not be viewed as having any higher success rates than applying to help-wanted ads in the newspaper or trade magazines. Only about 5 percent of job-seekers obtain jobs through ads. Read more about job boards and job-hunting on the Internet.

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7 Tips for Chossing Job References

7 Tips for Chossing Job Refrences

Nowadays, over 80% HR Manager Use reference checks as part of selection process. Job reference are important in confirming intelligence, attitude, and behavior included in your perfect resume and indicated during your interview. Appealingly your referee is someone you have reported to in a professional capacity. But before we go forward with the tips please choose job reference who can confirm

  1. Your profession and responsibilities
  2. Your power and areas of development
  3. Your team management and attitude towards your colleagues.
  4. Your ability to handle work on your own
  5. Most important your stability in that job
  6. Tips for Job Reference

Always give a hint to job reference before giving their contact details to a soon-to-be employer. Your previous employer should not get unexpected call, as this can work against you.

Make sure your previous employer knows about the role you have applied for so that it will be easy for them to talk about relevant skills and strengths

It’s good practice to contact your previous employer after the interview and let them know how it went. This way they can affirm your key strengths or skills relevant to the job.

Every time you change a job, make an effort to ask for a reference from your manager or co-worker. This enables you to create a file of recommendations from people who you may not be in contact with in the future.

Keep job reference up-to-date and let them know what position of your job search is. This can keep them prepared for potential call.

Say thanks when you join new company always say thanks to previous employee writing email or phone call this will keep your professional relation stronger.

Keep your professional network up-to-date , LinkedIn is best way to stay in touch with your previous employers, write a post , congrats them on their birthdays and work anniversary , this will help in good relation with all professional’s