6 Helpful Career Tips

career tips


Aptitude may get you in the door but attitude decides how long you stay. It is essential to have people around you with not only right skills but also with the right attitude. I would like to share the real experience in this. I recently hired more than 5 candidates for my organization among which two had more skills including experience than others. But now is the situation the candidates with less experience are doing well while the remaining are fired due to their attitude towards work.


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5 Clever Ways To Prepare For Job Interview


Go through Job Description Carefully

Most commonly asked interview questions like “Brief about yourself”, “Your strengths and weaknesses”, “Why should we hire you” etc. might be covered in detail by hundreds of other bloggers and in books too. To know what kind of questions you will asked at interview, understand the job description carefully. For example, if it is mentioned in job description that the candidate should have good analytical skills then in such case you can expect question like “Brief about your analytical skills” or if it is written that the applicant should have good command over English (written as well as oral) then in such case obviously the expected question would be to write on any topic (they will either provide you the topic or you can choose any topic of yours).

Use LinkedIn to research the interviewer

Today, every professional person has its LinkedIn profile. So it would be better to research about the interviewer prior job interview. On LinkedIn click on the “Advanced” search and look for the name of the company you are applying to. Don’t forget to check the 1st, 2nd and 3rd connections for wide search. Read More

Recruitment Process Outsourcing Benefits


Many organizations are still unfamiliar with the word RPO – Recruitment Process Outsourcing. Some companies are not aware of the fact that there are options to improve the recruiting process while some others are stuck with some other solutions because that’s how their boss want to recruit for their companies and missing out something that is more efficient. In fact, now-a-days more and more companies are using RPO to recruit positions which are bound to affect the performance and productivity of the organization. Finding the right people at this point of time becomes crucial for the company and hence to opt RPO is the best solution.

Advantages of Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Stronger Quality of hires

As the global market has become quite competitive it becomes difficult for the organization to search the qualified candidates or improve their internal recruiting for the same. Thus the main aim of the RPO is to provide best talent to its clients. RPO invest their time and energy to source, screen and present the cream resumes to the clients from the pool of CV’s

Cost Reduction

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7 Ways To Outshine As A Fresher

excel as Fresher

Prove yourself

Always try to contribute something to the company every day from your work. This will help you understand your strength and will be always in good books of the company. While proving yourself don’t just constraint it with specific work. Being a fresher you have to be flexible as you might get work which is not mentioned in your job description.

Get to know your Co-workers

Don’t be shy while introducing yourself among co-workers. Always try to be in touch with your colleagues. Get their advice to know the city in better way or chill out with them sometimes even after official hours.

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 Express your ideas and generate your support

Although you have great ideas in mind which can be helpful for the organization but it won’t be considered (in most cases) as you are fresher. So it’s better if you express the idea with the co-worker first and then generate the support for the same so as to imply that idea.

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Top 5 Career Mistakes You Will Regret

avoid career mistakes

Not networking at company events

It is essential especially in large organizations to take actively part in company events as it builds a strong relation between the employers and employees. It is not possible to be acquainted with everyone in big companies which is the result that these events are organized by the employers. At the time of promotion employers tend not to choose the person of whom they’re only vaguely aware.

Make decisions based on money

“Money doesn’t count success, job satisfaction does”. It is advisable to choose the career as per your passion, skills rather than depending on the money. Most of the time is spent at your workplace so make sure you enjoy it. Enjoying the workplace without passion is not possible. So “Chase your passion, Chase your dreams.”

Missing opportunities to help others

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5 Resume Mistakes To Avoid

Resume Mistakes

Grammatical Mistakes

Grammatical error in resume sounds a small error but in real it can kill your prospect with recruiter. The easy way to avoid grammatical mistakes is to tell someone else to proof-read your resume as with their help your resume can be typos error-free.

Ignoring Keywords

Right keywords should be added for your resume as most times resumes prior to physical approach are evaluated electronically. Improper use of keywords can land you in a place where your resume doesn’t even get shortlisted in first electronic screening round of resumes

Outdated Resume

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Job Search Plan

Job Search Plan Introspect

Understand your skills, knowledge and according to that plan an organization you would like to work for. And be smart enough to make the best use of your talent in that organization.

Allocate time

Applying for job is quite time consuming spending your whole day in it is pointless as you can allocate the remaining part of your time in some other essential work. It is advisable to utilize the first half of the day in following up with the companies you have applied for.

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6 Email Etiquette That You Should Be Familiar With

email etiquette

It’s been more than 2 decades that we had started using emails which make the topic sound purposeless But it’s not true there are lot of features, which are listed below, that has to keep in mind before composing an email:

TO,CC and BCC:

“To” is for the individual or individuals who has to act upon the email while the persons in “CC- Carbon Copy” are supposed to keep an eye on the email and are not responsible for the reply of the email. Individuals in “BBC-Blind Carbon Copy” are the ones who can read the mail without the knowledge of main recipient as well as the Bcc’d recipients.

Subject Line:

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Success Is An Iceberg

success is an iceberg

Everyone is familiar with the phrase “Hardwork is key to success”. Many people thinks that luck is the only solution for success while many others believe that success includes compromise, persistence, dedication, failures. To conclude it, I consider that “Success is an iceberg”. We all are acquainted with the structure of the iceberg which floats in the sea. Only a small portion of the iceberg is visible while the large portion is hidden under the water. Iceberg can be perfectly related with the success. Achievement can be seen by everyone which is compared with visible portion of the iceberg while the people is least bothered with the struggle behind that success which has been compared with the bottom of the iceberg. Let’s take a look on some quotes by successful people:

Hard work

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Top 6 Best Industries To Work In

best industries to work in

Employment services

Consulting is also considered as the best industry to work in. If you are in the search of high challenging environment, consulting is what you are looking for. Joining a consulting firm is one of the quickest and most effective ways to build a vast and valuable network. While working in consulting you can learn team-work, you can also have great learning curve across different verticals.

Real Estate

Real Estate is considered as one of the best industries to work in. With the fact that population is increasing every year which results in more demand of real estate agents, brokers, architects. On every sale real estate provides huge commission  along with the flexibility in managing work at anytime. It’s an extra ounce of liberty that makes it easier to maintain a life outside of the office.

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