Benefits of home based franchise



If you work best when surrounded by home comforts, then you have option of Morpheus home based franchise. It is one of the accessible and inciting way to work. Here are the benefits of home based franchise

Reduced costs

Working from home option can save your expenses related with working in an office. You don’t have pain of with modes of transportation & hectic rush hours.

There are also indirect savings such as less wear and tear to your vehicle, less time spent at the dry cleaners or buying expensive office wear. You can decrease your overheads and focus on building a successful franchise from the comfort of your own home which can helpful to reduce your operational cost & savings can be used for a better cause.

Lower Stress

Travelling through Bus or Car can cause a stress to your body and mind especially traveling through trains can drain your energy even before working day begins. Working from home save your time and energy and keeps you focus more on your business. With an observation of unusual climatic changes and increasing pollution rate, health can also be affected to various environmental hazards. Being safe from such hazards can improvise health and makes you more focused with the work rate, Well it is said, “Health is Wealth” can be properly emphasized with such examples.

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Things to Stop Doing in Interviews

things to stop doing in interviews
10 Things To Stop Doing in interviews

Landing in an Interview is just a start that you have impressed the HR manager and interviewer by writing a perfect resume. You must be aware of what you are doing in your job interview.  Unfortunately, a lot of talented candidates get to their eye to eye interview and completely blow their chances through one or many mistakes that gives the interviewer the wrong impression. Following are the things to stop doing in interviews

#1 How will you feel if the recruiter hadn’t bother going through your resume? Same way don’t go without any knowledge about the company. Visit the Company’s website and go through their about us tab, it will help you to tackle the interview with confidence.

#2 Don’t show up late on your interview,

be on time, and if some situation arises, inform your interviewer about being late. Interviewer had blocked his time for you, so you should respect that.

#3 Don’t fiddle with your mobile, it will give a bad impression that you are avoiding the interview. Best thing is to switch off your mobile before entering main entrance of building.

#4 Don’t go with a bad attitude, you can have a terrible day in train or bus, taking that vibes with you in an interview will give the employer an idea that you are more concerned to everything in the world except your job.

#5 Don’t over-rehearse. Company’s hire people and not robots. Give genuine answers to the employer questions also don’t be too comfortable or familiar that  the employer feels awkward about that.

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Guide for writing a perfect resume

guide for writing a perfect resume

Updating your CV can be baffle task, especially if you are launching a job search after a long span. This simple tips can help you make process of writing your CV painlessly and effective as possible


Your CV must have a decent, spacious layout and it should be well structured, your content should be readable. Adding colors which are suitable for Retina ready will help recruiter to attract your CV. It should be More than one page according to your industries standard. You are expected to enter previous works, project or publications if necessary.

Contact Details

Remember to mention your address and phone number in your resume or you will disappoint anyone willing to recruit you on suitable position.

Personal summary

Writing your personal summary helps recruiters to understand about you in short. Write about you work that will show confidence in you. Content for summary should be written in manner that recruiters should be interested to scan your resume further more.

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How to Search Job Effectively in ME

How to Search Job Effectively in Middle-East

 Effective Job Search in Middle-East

Whenever an executive think for career change or a fresher headhunt for a job in Midde-East, they tend to choose the wrong way

this article will explain you how to search job effectively in Middle-East

. Effecive Job search is not a cake-walk, you need to be proactive in LinkedIn and optimize it carefully so the Recruitment Consultants in Middle East can locate you for the specific job role. Also, professional and good approach towards recruiters and head hunters can help in maximizing the effectiveness of your job search. To attract recruiters it is essential to optimize your LinkedIn profile which we had already covered. This article is more specific towards the Effective Job Search in Middle-East

Operation of Head-Hunter

First method to approach the headhunter is to understand the operation of the recruiter prudently and have an efficient interaction with them. Instead of convincing the recruiter to explore the job as per your capabilities, interact with the recruiter with pretty clear intention of the job role you need to opt for. Also, there are executive headhunters who search for candidates in a specific job industry which makes them expertise in their role. Hence initiate your job search by researching and contacting the recruiters that have expertise in your industry.Help the recruitment consultant with the insights of the issues and trends regarding your expertise building valuable professional relationship with the recruiter.

Proactive & Patience

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Keys To Job Satisfaction In ME

Keys for job Satisfaction Middle-East


Research says that employee in the MENA workplace are quite clear with their priorities which is the perfect balance in the work-life.

Work-life balance which can be either spending more family-time together or getting involved in the extra-curriculum activities are considered as one of the top inspiring aspect in the Middle East. Varying working arrangements sums up as success to fulfill flexibility criteria. New working arrangements that has been undertaken as per the survey in the Middle East are as below:

  • Work From Home Arrangement – 11%
  • Flextime arrangement with same hours – 21%
  • Flextime arrangement with fewer hours – 8%
  • Part-time work arrangement – 1%


It is the term which is most valued in the organizations across the globe. Liquidity in the work environment not only ensures the self-motivation in the employees but also fascinates the best talent in the organization.  Employees are more interested to work in an organization where their opinions are valued and based on the genuine feedback from the managers, next step should be taken. Employers should welcome “open door policy” in which the communication barriers can be truncated and hence keeping the troops cheerful in the organization.

Encourage training Programs

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Resume (CV) Tips Middle East Jobs


Resume (CV) Tips Middle East Jobs

Your Curriculum Vitae (CV) is the first impression that will make an employer to determine if they will interview you or will be accounted as one more in the pile of other CV’s. Resume is the medium to enter the interview room so make sure your first impression (that is your CV in this case) is worthy enough for an employer to make the next move. No pre-template has been set for the CV that will decide the perfect Middle East Resume. Every recruiter has its own pre-defined way to rate CV. Although there is no set formula for a perfect 10 but there are few attributes that should be taken care of – Your CV should:

  • Be Compact
  • Have all information that recruiter is looking for.
  • Be Properly Constructed (That means well presented)
  • Be worded appropriately (Avoid grammar mistakes and inaccuracies)

Moreover if someone has discussed that CV should be refined within one page then they are wrong..!!! However with experience of more than 5 years your CV is bound to exceed one page. It is been recommended to have one page CV for work experience within 3 years and two page CV for an experience over 3 years.

What Information should CV consist of?

Cover Letter

Good covering letter should always accompany your CV. It is used as your introduction to the potential employers. Now here that one page restriction (that you think should be there for CV) can be beneficial. In addition to this, also the essential aspect of cover letter is relevancy. More relevant the cover letter is more compelling reason it becomes for the reader to explore your CV.

Attach Photo in the CV

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Challenges Faced By Employees In Gulf


As discussed in the previous blog about the decrease in the attrition rate in Middle East companies, still there are certain challenges faced by the employees of the gulf countries that might increase the attrition rate percentage and are discussed below:

  1. Work-Pressure:
    For the workers who are not content with the job, several areas of their work get affected and their actions can affect the other employees too. Employees who are satisfied with their work are less likely to complaint about the job stress due to natural human tendency. If you are not pleased with the work you are doing then it is more possible you will feel discontent and even the slightest thing at work will make  you feel fatigued out and unhappy.
  1. Less Employee Spirit:
    Remember the proverb – One Bad Fish Can Spoil The Whole Pond. Similarly if an employee is completely disappointed with the job then all the other employees with whom that person is in contact with will sure have an reverse effect of it. Research says that negative attitudes can spread through a workplace like wildfire and, if they are not improved, the overall morale of the employees will take a sharp decline.

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Employment Situation In Middle East

Employment Situation In Middle East

In next 6 months there is an assumption based on research that new jobs will be created in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa). Also there is confidence in the reduction of the attrition rate in the market. Research says, with the total of 130 employers 80% of them are appreciating the 18% attrition rate in their organization. Following are the outcomes of the survey conducted in the Middle-East among 150 recruiters in which 65% were the employers and remaining were the recruitment consultants:

  1. 40% of the responder organizations have appealed to hire for new job positions while 80% of them intend to hire new talent for existing unfilled positions.
  2. 85% of responders have said that the attrition rate in the month of October 2015 is 15% which is much less than the attrition rate happened in the month of March 2015 that is 70%.
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Pros & Cons working with start up company’s

Pros cons working startup company

Working with a start-up company can be great kick for your career-building experience and especially for the individuals who are planning for their own venture in near future. However, working for a startup can be tough task as research says that 45% startups fail in the first year while 42% fail in the first three years.



Working with start-up adds up new challenges and dealing with them in best possible way grows the individual as a person as well as professionally. You start learning from your mistakes and also have the hands-on experience in diverse fields instead of getting restricted in specific field. At startups business ideas changes frequently and you need to adapt yourself in that fast changing environment which as an individual will enhance the flexibility within you.


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