What you must do to get a job !!

Gone are the days, where one used to stay in the same organisation for years together. Employees change jobs regularly depending on greener pastures available elsewhere. Therefore, organisations have also started taking interviews seriously in the hope of landing skilled and stable employees who can prove to be valuable asset in the long run.

More and more people analytics is being used to help organisations identify the right person for the right jobs. In order to ensure that you crack interviews in 2017, here are a few skills that you can use:

1. Build the right resume: The primary objective to a resume is to get you to the next stage i.e. the interview process. It should be properly structured with primary objective in mind. To move ahead from other resume’s one might want to add additional sections like: Objectives/ Long Terms Goals/ How I can add value/ Achievements etc. Get creative so that your profile stands out from all the others out.

2. Prepare in advance: The interview needs preparation which very few people understand. Very few times, do we come across employers who do their homework before taking the interview. Generally, they start with “tell me something about yourself” while they quickly skim through your resume hunting for their next question. This is the question that you should prepare for and rehearse before you go for the interview. Take time and prepare an interesting and engaging response which will tilt the balance in your favor from the start!

3. Research the company and the person: This is, by far, the most important step that you should carry out before you venture out to present yourself. Go through the company website to look at the organisationculture and products. Look whether they are financially sound. It is also important to see whether you can find out something about the person who will interview you.

4. Be tech savvy: Computer skills are becoming more and more important with each passing day. Your target should be to become an expert with using technology to your advantage. Brush up your MS office Skills and for people in marketing, learn about digital marketing. You can showcase these in your resume and Interview which will again help you stand out.

5. Clean up your social media accounts: Many people now-a-days are stalked by the HR department on social media. Be careful at all times what you post and what it conveys. Keep all your accounts clean of any objectionable comments.

6. Lead the interview: You might not know it but there is always a way to lead the interview. Answer questions in such a way so that the interviewer is curious to ask the next question on the same subject. There are times when you might be asked about your experience on some project or elaborate on your achievements. You can lead these questions to areas that you are most comfortable discussing. This way, you can put your best foot forward and impress the interviewer(s).

7. Ask insightful questions – Many interviewers give you an opportunity to ask questions at the end of the interview. You could do some preparation for this also. Ask insightful questions about the role and the organisation. Also, try to judge from their response whether they are favorable towards your candidature or against.
Lastly, always be well dressed, relaxed and confident. These characteristics show through and add to your personality.

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5 Things IT Pros Should Consider Before The Job search

Hunting for the next job can be tricky for experienced IT professionals. It includes preparing for the interview, updating your resume and finding a right employer.

When you are planning for the job switch, one of the most important that you can check is, do you have the right skills to land your dream job. The lure of the perfect job at a fantastic company is too difficult to ignore. The job transformation may seem overwhelming but, this shift can have a major impact on tech- related jobs.

We have listed 5 things that you need to know before starting your job hunt:

1. Telecommuting vs Desk Job:

The growing trend in IT is the telecommuting. With vast number of collaboration tools, it has become possible for the technical teams to collaborate and work remotely. There are tools to share voice, video, chat and even your monitor screen. However, some employers are discovering that telecommuting is not the best fit for its needs. You must know if the perspective company allows telecommuting or not. If your not having a  desk job, you can probably expect the same in the next company as well.

2. Certifications Matter:

IT certifications are the best way to prove your experience in the specific field. While there is no guarantee that it equated your technical practical skills, it atleast proves that you have a deep interest in this specific field of IT. Many recruiters that dont come from the technical background look for well known certifications to help them assess the right skills for the job.

3. Contract vs direct hire:

Considering the growth dynamics of IT industry, companies are preferring contract positions over direct hire. The direct hire can provide comfort and ease of mind but contract opportunities  and on other hand can offer flexibility. There is an opportunity of making more money than regular full time positions. If your skilled for what you can do, contacts can be extended for years and can also be converted into full time roles.

4. Demand:

You must check what IT skills are in demand.  For over 2 years, big data, devOps roles are leading. While demand for traditional system administrator is declining, there is a chance of these professionals to learn skills in DevOps. You need to constantly check these trends and train yourself for relevant positions.

5. Startup vs Established organizations:

A startup can be an ideal place for some to work. The potential to learn from the latest technologies is best in startup. Many job seekers are attracted towards fast paced “work hard, play hard” culture. Having said that, if startups stays for long enough, they will start tighting policies  to streamline the future growth . However, startups never stay for so long. Well established companies can offer you comfort of work, structured environment and work culture.

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Benefits of home based franchise



If you work best when surrounded by home comforts, then you have option of Morpheus home based franchise. It is one of the accessible and inciting way to work. Here are the benefits of home based franchise

Reduced costs

Working from home option can save your expenses related with working in an office. You don’t have pain of with modes of transportation & hectic rush hours.

There are also indirect savings such as less wear and tear to your vehicle, less time spent at the dry cleaners or buying expensive office wear. You can decrease your overheads and focus on building a successful franchise from the comfort of your own home which can helpful to reduce your operational cost & savings can be used for a better cause.

Lower Stress

Travelling through Bus or Car can cause a stress to your body and mind especially traveling through trains can drain your energy even before working day begins. Working from home save your time and energy and keeps you focus more on your business. With an observation of unusual climatic changes and increasing pollution rate, health can also be affected to various environmental hazards. Being safe from such hazards can improvise health and makes you more focused with the work rate, Well it is said, “Health is Wealth” can be properly emphasized with such examples.

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