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5 Ways To Keep Workplace Clean

5 Ways To Keep Workplace Clean

Go Paperless

Wherever and whenever possible, make optimum use of the digital medium. Not only is it a great way to be environmentally more sustainable, you’re also reducing clutter thanks to less paper on your desk. You can go a step further by cancelling magazine subscriptions and opting for online ones instead.

Undertake Regular Audits

To keep a regular check on your workplace cleanliness, inspect items on and around it. Dispose redundant things and follow this process frequently to maintain a clean desk.

Avoid Snacking at Your Desk

Plastic wrappers from a bag of biscuits and the box your takeaway sandwich came in, among other things, all add up to make your desk look messy.  Employees should be encouraged to avoid eating/snacking at their workstation.

Get Creative 

Plastic organizers to hold papers, documents and files can be a great way to keep your desk clean. Employees can also get creative and use plastic cups to hold stationery.  Instead of using multiple notebooks and diaries, keep one notebook handy to ensure that all your information is stored in a single place

Clean Up at the End of the Day

To ensure that you don’t have to return to a messy desk in the morning, spend a few minutes cleaning up the evening before.  It’s prudent to have a fresh slate to start work every day. This makes employees more productive as well.


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