How To Select Best Recruitment Consultancy For Your Organization?

 Select Best Recruitment Consultancy Organization?

The whole criteria of outsourcing the Recruitment process is the introduction of the strong candidates and it is essential for any company to choose recruitment consultancy cautiously failure of which can have huge effect on the brand name not to forget the business loss.  Following are the steps that can be helpful in  Selection of  Best Recruitment Consultancy Organization

Jack of all, Master of One

There are many HR Recruitment Consultancies who claims to have end to end recruitment experience in all the industries but the HR Manager has the responsibility to discover the industry in which the particular consultancy has expertise into. Having the in-depth knowledge in the particular channel adds significant value to the hiring process as the expertise are not only concerned about the job role or job description but also the values, work-culture, passion of the candidates towards the job role while keeping in mind budget as well as tight deadline.

Clientele Portfolio

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Recruitment Franchise Opportunities

Recruitment Franchise Opportunities

Recruitment Franchise Opportunities

Setting up your own HR Recruitment Business from scratch can be tedious, time consuming and also involves huge initial investment. To overcome these pitfalls of starting a new business, Franchise plays a great role. Benefits to start franchise over business are:

  • Franchisees has rights to use the company’s established brand name and logo.
  • Comparatively higher chance of success rate than involving in sole proprietorship.
  • Less amount of time, energy and efforts are required to start franchise.
  • Franchisors provide complete initial training and ongoing support on the software involved in the business.
  • Franchisors takes care of the company’s advertising campaign to build the strong brand name.

Morpheus Human Consulting As a Recruitment Franchisor

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5 Steps To Success As Franchisee



Register Here for Morpheus Human Consulting Franchise Meet and fill out the basic information like your name, email-id and contact number. Registrations are considered as you want to have detailed information about our Recruitment Franchise.


Once registration is done our Franchise team will reach you explaining the prerequisites regarding Morpheus Human Consulting Franchise and the suitable time will be discussed for our face-to-face meet with franchise management team.


After meeting our franchise empanelment team and management at Morpheus Human Consulting, considerable amount of time is given to the prospect for decision making process regarding investment. Once you have determined the level of investment that works best for your Franchise goal and budget you can continue the payment process either online or offline.


End-to-end Recruitment Training Facility will be provided by our Franchise manager which includes proper keyword search in different job portals, candidate shortlisting as per the resume screening  and other helpful factors. Later in case you have any impediment in using job portals our support team will assist you with the same.


Franchising is an example of proper Business concept as with minimum risk and low investment you can expect reasonable ROI. Morpheus Human Consulting wants to outsource in order to grow and develop its recruitment business dynamically. We have more than 13 years of experience in recruitment services and provides attractive as well as well rewarded business opportunities to its partners.


For Further details contact us on 022-40649800 or email us on

Brand Development Strategies Acquired By Morpheus Human Consulting

Brand Development Strategies Acquired Morpheus

Now is the time of social media and every organization is concerned about the company brand. In recruitment process HR not only takes care of interview process but also about the good candidate experience harvesting brand development exercise. Let me explain some strategies that can be helpful in building positive impression among the freshers and also in attracting talents for the recruitment process.

  1. HR Recruitment Consultant or the HR manager should inform the candidate about the tentative time for hiring activity and implement the same to value the time of the job seeker. Candidates can be scheduled in two ways: pre-lunch and post-lunch hence saving valuable time on either side.
  2. In order to understand the interest of the candidate for a particular job profile an initial step of telephonic conversation can be helpful. Furthermore, make candidates understand the whole interview process over phone along with date and time to seek confirmation mail from the candidate.
  3. Selected Candidates from mail confirmation should be treated well by the attendants and front office should also have the information with the list of candidates appearing for the interview. In case of any delay in the recruitment activity due to unavoidable reasons HR should express apologies for the same.
  4. If there is any written test before the personal interview make sure you inform candidates the stipulated time taken to declare results so that it helps candidates to avoid stress for the time being after the rigorous selection rounds.
  5. Congratulation mail should be send to the selected candidates and regret mail to the rejected candidates to encourage them for future openings. Also register the email-ids of all the candidates that have come for the entire recruitment process so as to send them job openings available in the future along with the company update.

Above written points has been discussed with Recruitment Consultants of Morpheus Human Consulting and put it in a frame to provide a good picture of candidate attraction strategies combined with brand development exercise. In case of some other strategies you can think of please express your views in the comment below.

5 Ways To Keep Workplace Clean

5 Ways To Keep Workplace Clean

Go Paperless

Wherever and whenever possible, make optimum use of the digital medium. Not only is it a great way to be environmentally more sustainable, you’re also reducing clutter thanks to less paper on your desk. You can go a step further by cancelling magazine subscriptions and opting for online ones instead.

Undertake Regular Audits

To keep a regular check on your workplace cleanliness, inspect items on and around it. Dispose redundant things and follow this process frequently to maintain a clean desk.

Avoid Snacking at Your Desk

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Skills To Be An Ideal Job Candidate

Skills To Be An Ideal Job Candidate

When hiring, companies are 100 per cent sure about what they want. However, unfortunately job seekers are often not sure about what they want, and that stops them from effectively communicating that they might be the best candidate for the job.


Companies are always on the lookout for long term potential to support their brand.
They want motivated personnel who’re excited about their role in the company and the company’s future.


Businesses often run in a set pattern. However, when the tide turns you know who’s been swimming naked. A company knows every time economy changes or the competition introduces a new product/service, the company strategy has to change accordingly. In such cases they need creative people with unique problem solving skills to step in a tweak ongoing processes. Show them how you tackle challenges and opportunities, and they will ask you to come onboard.

Ability to Adjust

Most of us spend a LOT of time at work, and while you may get to choose your friends, you don’t have that option with colleagues.  However, in a workplace there are unwritten rules of being understanding, respectful and reliable.

Ability to add Value

Employers want people who’ll add value to the organization and make money for them. If you’re not able to convince them your skills would help them make money, why should they hire you! After all, a business is not the same as charity. The key here is to quantify your work. Make sure they see value in you.

Brilliant CV

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Ace The Job Interview With These Highly Recommended Tricks


Aside from submitting a resume full of typos, the quickest way to be eliminated from consideration for a new job is making an avoidable interview blunder – like putting your foot in your mouth. Here are some tricks of landing into your dream job:


Even if you’re more nervous than you’ve ever been, no company wants to hire someone who lacks confidence. So, in this case, honesty is not the best policy. Don’t tell your interviewer how nervous are, or were before the interview. Just fake it ’til you make it.

Weaknesses or mistakes

Never voluntarily talk about your weaknesses unless they ask you with the standard interview question, ‘What’s your biggest weakness?’ And don’t bring up mistakes you’ve made at work, unless you’re talking about them to show how you’ve made significant improvements.

Money, salary, pay, compensation etc.

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6 Essential Skills To Go Ahead In Career

6 Essential Skills To Go Ahead In Career

Understanding Business

If you do not understand your company’s cash flow well, you will never know why you were replaced by someone.  If you don’t understand business, you will not align your interests to that of your firm’s and, thus, miss out on the most valuable growth and learning opportunities.

Promoting Yourself

Invest in learning how to craft a good CV and get short listed for roles. Practice hard for interviews and learn to sell yourself in short interactions. Finally, learn to stand up and advertise yourself and your accomplishments so that rightful credit and resources come to you.

Creating Time

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Tips For First Week In Your New Organization

Tips For First Week In Your New Organization

Carry a notebook

Yes. Seriously! Take a diary and a pen wherever you go. Jot down answers offered by people. Which means that you are asking tons of questions. This is the right time to ask since no question is too dumb when it comes from a new joiner. Secondly, when there is an information overload in the first few days, pen down relevant data as it comes along. This will free up your mind to pay attention to the next lot without having to remember everything simultaneously. Finally, during the first few days, you will get to generate a number of new ideas. Write them down as they occur. After you learn the ropes, refer back to your notebook to pick and implement the best ones.

Smell the coffee

Where is the coffee machine? Where is the mop in case you spill the coffee? How do you get a printout? Who do you go to if you cannot log in? Where can you go for a quick takeaway lunch? Where is the closest medicine store? What are alternate routes to work? Figure your way around the office during the day and the neighbourhood after work to get logistically sorted before the real action begins.

Chase the blue monkey

The blue monkey is a rare species. When you join your new job you will notice a number of blue monkeys distinguished by different communication styles, approaches to work and ways of getting stuff done. Chase them down to comprehend them. Restrain your judgment while you embrace the diversity in views. Later, as you gain acceptance, you can contribute to everyone’s learning.

Catch up daily

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7 Skills To Master To Land a Dream IT Job

7 Skills To Master To Land a Dream IT Job

User Experience Design

Internet growth rate is on its all-time high in India. The rapid increase in the internet user base has surged the use of computer languages. Programmes such as HTML, JavaScript and CSS are similar to any common languages today. These computer languages were utilized in a specific sector once to develop and program things, however, they have found ways to numerous non-IT sectors too. These languages thus make an important addition in your CV.

Mobile App Developments

The technology is stepping into every sphere rapidly and with time experts have discovered ways to make it smart and easily usable. The increasing mobility has surged the number of mobile devices and also new technologies being used in the same. Application developers are benefitted from this surge. There is a huge demand for mobile app developers in the IT sector as every technology is turning mobile. Mobile application development enables the developers to present their ideas on different possible platforms.

Ruby on Rails

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