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Job Search Plan

Job Search Plan Introspect

Understand your skills, knowledge and according to that plan an organization you would like to work for. And be smart enough to make the best use of your talent in that organization.

Allocate time

Applying for job is quite time consuming spending your whole day in it is pointless as you can allocate the remaining part of your time in some other essential work. It is advisable to utilize the first half of the day in following up with the companies you have applied for.

Set a Deadline

To set a deadline for your job is quite crucial. A timeline of roughly 100 days should suffice in most cases. Use the first 20 days for research and sending out applications. Allow companies to get back in the remaining time

Use Resources

Be actively present on social media sites as now-a-days many companies (most probably start-up companies) are more active on social media. Optimize your LinkedIn profile to get more job offers from different companies as per your requirement.

Update Skills

Being on sabbatical for long time isn’t the explanation for not updating your skills in your job profile. You are advised to identify a new skill or any new language which you would like to work on and add that in your profile so that the employers will come to know about your talent and passion towards work.

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