5 Recruitment Process that Should Be Followed

Recruitment Definition:

Searching the right candidate for the company is the job of the recruiter and the process that the recruiters have to follow for the selection is called recruitment. In other words, Recruiters helps to provide the suitable manpower as per the requirements to the company.

Step by step recruitment process to be followed and its significance:

According to Kailash Shahani – Director of Morpheus Human Consulting Pvt Ltd.  Recruiters have to follow the selection process before hiring the person so that there is right candidate selection for the right job from the pool of the job seekers. Recruiters can go through the following process for the assortment of right candidate:

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Recruitment process in Morpheus Human Consulting



The recruitment process that takes place in Morpheus Human Consulting Pvt Ltd  is explained below in detail:

Client Requirements:

At Morpheus Human Consulting  there is a detail discussion of the client requirements so that the recruitment consultants not only have the idea about the technical requirements of a job profile but also about the client organization, its culture and many other things so as to ensure the right candidate for the client.

Parameters Agreed:

At the time of discussion with the client we evaluate and target the companies of particular interest along with keeping in mind the address compensation and the culture of the organization

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10 Interview Question That can Be asked During Interview

interview questions

1. Brief about yourself

This is the most common question asked by the employer to know about the background of the employee. In this question employer expects something that is not written in your resume as they already have gone through it and shortlisted it from the pool of resumes. Tell something that will stand you out from other candidates. You can start with your strong points and making sure that it is related to the job profile.

2.Why company should hire you?

Kailash Shahani recommends not to get panic with the question instead feel confident and explain the employer at your best as why you are fit for this position. This is the best question to put before the employer your positive points and your enthusiasm to work in the company for the required job profile.

3. Explain your goals and what you did to achieve it?

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How Social Media Is Beneficial For Recruitment ?


Leverage of social media for the recruitment is increasing as the number of employers are appreciating the social media recruitment process. The various advantages of using the social media platform for recruitment process are discussed below

1. With Social Media platforms like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and many other recruiters can reach out to thousands of people by sharing the job posting in every other social media sites

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Selection Of Right Candidate

Morpheus Human Consulting

Understand the need of the Candidate

To search the right talent the basic need is to first understand the requirements of the candidate. Candidate fall under different categories some of them will be in the search of experience, some just want to experience the official life without being dedicated towards the career, while many others will be there just for the sake of money.

United we stand and divided we fall

Remember that teams are everything and candidate should understand the value of teamwork. Candidate should also be able to take the responsibility of its team and should also be the superior team member with good etiquettes.

Now the fundamentals are clear that need to be in mind before the selection of the right candidate.

Let’s get start with the selection process.

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