Things You Should Never Do At An Interview

things never do in an interview


We always remember to take care of little things while going for an Interview, but we forget things which can go wrong at the time of Interview. So can we be confident that we have awkward free interview?

Here are things candidates SHOULD NOT do at the time of Interview

Don’t arrive late

Arriving late at an interview just shows how unorganized or ignorant you are for your interview, turning up late on your interview is not an option. Use your mobile map’s to plan your travel well in advance, always leave half an hour early then planned.

Cell Phones Off, Not On Silent

Mobile devices have invaded every aspect of our professional lives–it seems. Most people turn their cell phones on vibrate to avoid appearing unprofessional. This makes a lot of sense, since you probably don’t want the interviewer to know your ringtone

However, keeping your mobile on vibrate mode is also bad. The Interviewer may hear buzzing sound of your phone. So avoid this awkwardness, keep your mobile off.

don’t be arrogant and over-confident

You should enter every interview with a level of confidence that reflects your ability to perform effectively in the job. Too much confidence, however, can be off-putting to potential employers. To successfully master the art of interviewing, you need to find a balance between being confident and an overconfident.


Don’t Dress inappropriately

In an interview your attire plays a supporting role. Try your outfit on beforehand, make sure everything fits, sort out any accessories. After all, the last thing you want to do is spend hours before an interview trying to find your other black sock or a pair of tights without a rip in them

Don’t Lie

Telling the whole truth about yourself in a job interview may mean losing a position to a better-qualified candidate. But the alternative — lying about your degree, qualifications or experience for short-term gain — inevitably will come back to haunt you.

Still, there are gray areas in which a small fib — or embellishment — could go a long way toward helping you land a job.

Don’t yawn/fall asleep

It doesn’t matter if you were up until 3 a.m. researching the company, if you yawn during an interview, it shows that you aren’t taking it seriously. First and most importantly, make sure you get a full night of sleep before the interview. Have some caffeine before the interview, but not too much

Don’t forget to listen

It’s important to wait for your turn to speak, and not interrupt your interviewer mid-speech. It might seem like a good idea to express your enthusiasm by constantly chatting, but only do this when the ball’s in your court.

Don’t forget to make an eye contact 

Unequaled in importance! If you look away while listening, it can indicate a lack of interest and a short attention span. If you fail to maintain eye contact while speaking, at a minimum it can indicate a lack of confidence in what you are saying and can even send the nonverbal cue that you may be lying. Do not just assume you have good eye contact. Ask. Watch. Then practice.

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