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4 Qualities That Recruiter Should Have

4 Qualities That Recruiter Should Have


The recruiter should be an expert here. Apart from being able to extract every hidden motive of the probable candidate, he should be able to convey clearly the visions of the company.  The candidate understands the company through you. The way you say, the way he perceives. Mind It.!

Understanding of roles that company is hiring For

Hiring a candidate for a particular role is no child’s play. The recruiter should first have no doubts about the role he is hiring for. For a candidate who is good at marketing may not be good at promotional sales.

Strong Understanding Of The Domain

Domain knowledge of a recruiter to a job-hunter is like Batmobile to a Batman. No one would take a job if he/she realizes that he knows more than the recruiter. For though one looks for a job to contribute in the growth of a company, he also looks for the scope of learning and his personal growth.

Ability To Empathizes with the candidate

The candidate would be scared to death during the interview session, no matter how many confidence boosting videos he saw. The recruiter should acknowledge that and make him comfortable enough so that he can take the recruiter in confidence enough to show him his true self. And a good employee is always a unique employee, true to his colors.


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