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Challenges Faced By Employees In Gulf


As discussed in the previous blog about the decrease in the attrition rate in Middle East companies, still there are certain challenges faced by the employees of the gulf countries that might increase the attrition rate percentage and are discussed below:

  1. Work-Pressure:
    For the workers who are not content with the job, several areas of their work get affected and their actions can affect the other employees too. Employees who are satisfied with their work are less likely to complaint about the job stress due to natural human tendency. If you are not pleased with the work you are doing then it is more possible you will feel discontent and even the slightest thing at work will make  you feel fatigued out and unhappy.
  1. Less Employee Spirit:
    Remember the proverb – One Bad Fish Can Spoil The Whole Pond. Similarly if an employee is completely disappointed with the job then all the other employees with whom that person is in contact with will sure have an reverse effect of it. Research says that negative attitudes can spread through a workplace like wildfire and, if they are not improved, the overall morale of the employees will take a sharp decline.

  1. Lack Of Productivity:
    Low job satisfaction, not to mention low worker morale ends up in an absence of productivity. When somebody is disheartened with the workplace they lose their concentration and notice many alternative things to do which build them happy whereas ignoring the task they must be doing. Once one member of a team displays low productivity, it’s solely natural for alternative members of the team to feel discontent as a result, and their productivity. Will begin to decline as well. It’s a regeneration cycle that’s too common in workplace.
  2. High employee turnover rates:
    Low job satisfaction creates high turnover rates with employees. Sooner or later that employee will abdicate once he will discover the job that would interest him. Numerous Industries suffer from high turnover rate and incapability to retain high qualified workers. It’s completely on business owners to seek out a way for proliferation of job satisfaction.
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