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Keys To Job Satisfaction In ME

Keys for job Satisfaction Middle-East


Research says that employee in the MENA workplace are quite clear with their priorities which is the perfect balance in the work-life.

Work-life balance which can be either spending more family-time together or getting involved in the extra-curriculum activities are considered as one of the top inspiring aspect in the Middle East. Varying working arrangements sums up as success to fulfill flexibility criteria. New working arrangements that has been undertaken as per the survey in the Middle East are as below:

  • Work From Home Arrangement – 11%
  • Flextime arrangement with same hours – 21%
  • Flextime arrangement with fewer hours – 8%
  • Part-time work arrangement – 1%


It is the term which is most valued in the organizations across the globe. Liquidity in the work environment not only ensures the self-motivation in the employees but also fascinates the best talent in the organization.  Employees are more interested to work in an organization where their opinions are valued and based on the genuine feedback from the managers, next step should be taken. Employers should welcome “open door policy” in which the communication barriers can be truncated and hence keeping the troops cheerful in the organization.

Encourage training Programs

40% of respondents in Middle East employee survey believe that skill gap should be reduced further for better working environment. While as solution to this, 30% of employers has started investing on training programs and an estimation has been made that many organizations will start spending even more on training programs in the coming year. According to the survey in the Middle East, organizations are helping the professionals to acquire new skills via a combination of on-the-job experience in following ways:

  • Formal Internal Training – 20%
  • Formal External Training – 16%
  • Shadowing & Observing Others – 10%

Higher Salaries

60% of respondents believe that there has been a considerable hike in salaries in Middle East due to various factors mentioned below:

  • Inflation
  • Rising Cost of living
  • Economic Growth
  • Pay Rise in Public Sector

With an upsurge in the cost of living and a presumption other companies pay more, organizations might underwent significant attrition over the next year as employers struggle to match employee’s expectations and to ensure unbiased pay structures.


Last but not the least point is appreciation. It is essential to give constructive and regular feedback as it helps to motivate the employees. Formal appraisal system based on the team performance should be complemented with the regular informal face to face meetings with healthy discussions. Positive feedback for key accomplishments is a key criterion for raising both employee morale and overall happiness in the workplace.

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