Five Things Which Will Help You Land A Job In Startup


Be Present on Social Media

Startups rely heavily on social platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter to find potential candidates. These days Social media platforms has been an interesting tool for start-up companies for recruitment. So being active on social networks can be helpful.
Sell your Experience

In start-up companies recruiters prefer candidates who can perform independently rather than depending on others for his work. Since you want to be the part of the start-up company you may need to work for various department rather than being specific to one area which can be quite helpful in long run.

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Recruitment Issue In Middle-East


The employment market in the Middle East is coming under increased strain, research says. Career progression was a recurring issue for professionals working in the region, as was a feeling they needed to deliver more for less. Job security is a major concern, with one respondent claiming that “permanent, full time employment is a dream for many professionals”. Though, The Middle East has always been attractive for investors and job seekers alike because of the fast-paced growth in the region. The recruiting market is highly competitive in sectors such as the fashion and tourism industry due to the influx of great demand here.

Recruiting Issues in the Middle East

Scarcity Of Available Talent:   

Many jobs in the Middle East are created each year as a result of flourishing economies that continue to drive innovation forward. With banking as a major industry along with oil and gas, the number of available qualified and experienced job-seekers to fill the vacancies is lacking. Middle East employers prefer hiring locals due to the fact that expatriate employees are for short-term employment rather than long-term.

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Hiring Activity Rise In Media And Entertainment Industry


hiring activity rise in media industry

Employment in the media and entertainment industry increases by 9% in the 12 months to May 2015, thanks to increased penetration of digital media, satellite TV, and wide scale adoption of smartphones. Over 60 per cent of the demand in the media and the entertainment sector is for entry and junior level professionals with upto 5 years of relevant experience. Wider acceptability and use of internet-based apps have also resulted in a rise in demand for social media professionals.  Skills and specializations are highly sought in areas of writing project management and blogging apart from in-depth knowledge and understanding of social media platforms

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5 Harmless Lies That Will Help You To Get The Job You Want


Worked with companies mentioned in resume:

You might have some bad experience or worked for short duration of time with the previous job, need not to mention it in the resume. Your resume not necessary should include everything. You don’t have to be honest (always) in your resume. Resume acts as a marketing tool for the candidate. So use it effectively without any mistake. Relevant and positive experience acts as an added advantage.

Good Relation with employees in previous company:

No one preferences everybody, and there are likely some troublesome identities at each work environment. Nevertheless you ought to tell each future executive how extraordinary the staff was at your past occupation, and how it was a benefit to function with such incredible individuals. Whatever else will make you sound like a malcontent and possibly an issue personality yourself.

Hobbies and Interests:

Some employment seekers think the inquiry on leisure activities is of little significance, yet that is not the situation. The enlisting officer needs to know whether what you do at your leisure time influences the current task, does it add to your innovativeness and worth for the occupation or does it clash with your obligations. Just say you adore playing PS if the employment obliges you to survey well known amusements.

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How Social Media Is Beneficial For Recruitment ?


Leverage of social media for the recruitment is increasing as the number of employers are appreciating the social media recruitment process. The various advantages of using the social media platform for recruitment process are discussed below

1. With Social Media platforms like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and many other recruiters can reach out to thousands of people by sharing the job posting in every other social media sites

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Selection Of Right Candidate

Morpheus Human Consulting

Understand the need of the Candidate

To search the right talent the basic need is to first understand the requirements of the candidate. Candidate fall under different categories some of them will be in the search of experience, some just want to experience the official life without being dedicated towards the career, while many others will be there just for the sake of money.

United we stand and divided we fall

Remember that teams are everything and candidate should understand the value of teamwork. Candidate should also be able to take the responsibility of its team and should also be the superior team member with good etiquettes.

Now the fundamentals are clear that need to be in mind before the selection of the right candidate.

Let’s get start with the selection process.

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