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How Social Media Is Beneficial For Recruitment ?


Leverage of social media for the recruitment is increasing as the number of employers are appreciating the social media recruitment process. The various advantages of using the social media platform for recruitment process are discussed below

1. With Social Media platforms like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and many other recruiters can reach out to thousands of people by sharing the job posting in every other social media sites

2. Job posting in social media networks doesn’t require any financial investments. Posting the job in social media platforms is free of cost and the recruiters can reach to more audience

3. The quality of the candidate also increases as the response of the job posting from the social media sites indicates that the candidate is innovative and tech savvy which are the most desirable persons in the job market at this moment.

4. With the job posting in the social media networks also helps in the brand awareness of the company. Not only this it also helps the potential employees to know that the recruiters of the company is quite active in the social media networks.

5. Social Media is about the engagement in the conversation while sharing the great content. Recruiters can get involved with the candidates that are relevant with their job postings. Relevancy can be increased with the sharing of the job posting with the relevant candidates.

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