5 Ways to use social media in your job hunt !!

  Social media platforms give you a great opportunity to connect, engage, share and learn. And   they also provide an opportunity for you to create a ‘buzz’ around your personal brand-

They  are becoming increasingly popular with job seekers as a way to keep in touch, grow their networks,    spread the word, research companies and opportunities and get noticed by recruiters.

  Here are 5 things you can start doing now:


1) Research companies and industry sectors: Think about the types of organizations you want to work at and research what networks the company and the people that work there are utilizing. Make sure you are on those networks too.


2) Develop your on-line professional profile:  Almost all recruiters will do a Google or LinkedIn search on potential candidates at some stage. Make sure that when employers find you they are seeing information about your professional accomplishments and background that’s up to date. If you are seriously job hunting then try to reduce the number of amusing videos, photos and links.

Create a strong LinkedIn profile: Make sure that all your skills, expertise, achievements and jobs are there with a succinct description of where you have added value. Make sure your profile is 100% complete and join Groups that are relevant to your profession or sector. Follow companies that interest you – they may be posting jobs or business updates. Also join any groups managed by your target companies. Don’t just watch what goes on in the groups…join in conversations and post updates.


3) Use Twitter to grow your network and contacts: Build relationships with organizations and individuals of interest to you and don’t be afraid to reach out through several social media platforms. Join in any industry-related Twitter chats and become known as someone who participates in conversations around the issues facing your sector. You can impress hiring managers who may be monitoring these chats looking for prospective hires.


4) Blog: Start a blog  and use it to talk about your industry or skill set. Share stories of your successes and talk about lessons learned when things haven’t worked out. You can also write about hobbies or specific interests to let readers see you as a rounded individual. It may also be a good idea to get someone to interview you for 10 minutes, asking questions about your career and achievements, and post this to your blog. You can then send links to prospective interviewers.


 5) Become known as an engager and content sharer: Make sure you become known as someone who has access to, and shares, really good content about your industry or sector. Share links, articles, and other relevant social media updates. This will not only raise your on-line profile, but will encourage others to also do the same for you. You can be seen as a go to person for information on what is happening in your sector.

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