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Pros & Cons working with start up company’s

Pros cons working startup company

Working with a start-up company can be great kick for your career-building experience and especially for the individuals who are planning for their own venture in near future. However, working for a startup can be tough task as research says that 45% startups fail in the first year while 42% fail in the first three years.



Working with start-up adds up new challenges and dealing with them in best possible way grows the individual as a person as well as professionally. You start learning from your mistakes and also have the hands-on experience in diverse fields instead of getting restricted in specific field. At startups business ideas changes frequently and you need to adapt yourself in that fast changing environment which as an individual will enhance the flexibility within you.


Individuals can have direct access to the CEO of the organization for reporting, discussing business ideas or many other factors depending upon the company size and lack of hierarchy. This would help in increasing the visibility, boosting up the confidence level and maintaining a rapport with the high level professionals.

Working Environment

Start-ups avoids the restrictions on working hours. Individuals set their own goals and flexible hours are accepted depending on the variety of roles & tasks an individual is handling. Also it is incredibly satisfying to celebrate the success of the company in an environment where the growth of the organization is valued more than the growth of an individual.


Long Hours

Amount of hours you need to put in a start-up can be gruesome after certain point with an added disadvantage that there is no recognition for working overtime. At start-up working late night is considered as expectation rather than exception.

Low Compensation

Initial compensation at start-up can lead to disappointment. Your working hours and the salary nowhere matches each other. Even if you are performing extremely well your appraisal is not guaranteed.

Inadequate Resources

Since income is tight, you most likely won’t have the advantage of having all the most recent devices – from equipment to programming, manufacturing machinery to office equipment or support staff to cleaning supplies. Rather than purchasing new, you wind up fixing up the old.

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