Recruitment process in Morpheus Human Consulting



The recruitment process that takes place in Morpheus Human Consulting Pvt Ltd  is explained below in detail:

Client Requirements:

At Morpheus Human Consulting  there is a detail discussion of the client requirements so that the recruitment consultants not only have the idea about the technical requirements of a job profile but also about the client organization, its culture and many other things so as to ensure the right candidate for the client.

Parameters Agreed:

At the time of discussion with the client we evaluate and target the companies of particular interest along with keeping in mind the address compensation and the culture of the organization


Candidates are approached by Morpheus Human Consulting Recruitment Consultants in confidence where the consultants discuss the opportunity, the scope for advancement with the candidates and provide them with the role that perfectly fits the both end requirements


With the 7 years of experience in the recruitment consultant field we have given more importance to transparency which is quite important for mutual success.


Morpheus Human Consulting presents the clients the list of individuals that fits the role completely. Detailed information of shortlisted candidates is provided by our recruitment consultants to the clients. We also express our opinions about the shortlisted candidates so that the clients will understand the candidate better and without any problem

Client Interviews

Our consultant works with the client to arrange and plan the interview process. We pay attention from candidate side as well as the client side so that both the parties will get the feedback for each other. Post interview debriefs are also handled by our recruitment consultants for the best output.


Morpheus Human Consulting also helps the client with the offer letter. We have the close relationship with our clients due to the in-depth knowledge of the market research.


We Respect client desicion we ask client Feedback or Complaint about our services.



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