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10 Interview Question That can Be asked During Interview

interview questions

1. Brief about yourself

This is the most common question asked by the employer to know about the background of the employee. In this question employer expects something that is not written in your resume as they already have gone through it and shortlisted it from the pool of resumes. Tell something that will stand you out from other candidates. You can start with your strong points and making sure that it is related to the job profile.

2.Why company should hire you?

Kailash Shahani recommends not to get panic with the question instead feel confident and explain the employer at your best as why you are fit for this position. This is the best question to put before the employer your positive points and your enthusiasm to work in the company for the required job profile.

3. Explain your goals and what you did to achieve it?

It would be helpful for you to explain the intermediate and short term goals rather than jeopardizing the interview by talking about the long term goals. After explaining the short term goals elaborate it with an example as what you have done on your part to achieve it.

4.Are you a good team player?

Employer not only wants “yes” or “no” answer in this question but wants the justification also. So be ready for this question with a good example to validate your answer.

5. What is your greatest weakness?

Answer such question in a tricky way so that it will reflect your strength rather than the weakness. So to answer this question you have to be very careful. In case to express the weakness be ready with the techniques that you do to overcome your that weakness.

6. Are you mentally and physically ready to deal with work pressure?

To answer best for this question explain the situation of the work pressure that you have gone through in earlier office and the methods you use to deal with it.

7. Brief about the three positive things about yourself

The three positive things that you would express before the employer should be somewhat related to the passion towards the job profile. Don’t fake the things as you will get caught either at the time of interview itself or in the long run.

8. Where do you see yourself in 4 years?

Candidate may find this question silly or of no use. But employer wants to know the future goals of the candidate with this question. So try to be as much artful and diplomatic as you want in this question.

9. Reason behind leaving the previous job

Be truthful while answering this question. Brief about the positivity in your current employer but how are you looking for more challenges, responsibility and change of environment.

10. What are the salary expectations?

Knowing the salary range from the employer can be advantageous. But if not mentioned be prepared with the salary history in your area and ask for it accordingly.

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