A Google Recruiter Shares Biggest Resume Mistakes !!

Resume mistakes are easy to make. After all there is not standard or a written guide on how various companies like their resume formats as.

But a top Google recruiter shares some of the biggest resume mistakes he sees.

Mistake 1: Typos

Typos are one of the top resume mistakes. It’s widely accepted and in the UK even on graduate application forms there is a 3 strike rule. Make three typos in a 9 page application and your application is rejected.

Mistake 2: Length

If you are a student looking for your first job out of uni, stick to 2 pages at max. Stop making another of the obvious resume mistakes by boring the recruiter with your whole life story. Stick to points relevant to the job. Recruiters skim your resume in 6 seconds – make it worth it.

Mistake 3: Formatting

There are creative resumes and then there are uncreative people attempting to catch the recruiter’s attention by trying to be creative on their resumes. Coloring your resume pink or adding bob the builder to your resume as you are looking for a civil engineering job, has to be a fail. Avoid adding lines and tables to your resume as that is unnecessary formatting.

Mistake 4: Confidential information

This is important and very easy mistake to make on your resume. Avoid showboating my mentioning your clients or company information. What happens if you are going for an interview to be a CEO? Well in that case you are reading the wrong blog, I don’t write for CEO’s …

Mistake 5: Lies

Never lie on your resume. The rest of the 4 mentioned resume mistakes are instant failures, you will get rejected and you can sort it out. When you lie on your resume, you can get away once but you have to live with it and never know when it gets found out.