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Guide for writing a perfect resume

guide for writing a perfect resume

Updating your CV can be baffle task, especially if you are launching a job search after a long span. This simple tips can help you make process of writing your CV painlessly and effective as possible


Your CV must have a decent, spacious layout and it should be well structured, your content should be readable. Adding colors which are suitable for Retina ready will help recruiter to attract your CV. It should be More than one page according to your industries standard. You are expected to enter previous works, project or publications if necessary.

Contact Details

Remember to mention your address and phone number in your resume or you will disappoint anyone willing to recruit you on suitable position.

Personal summary

Writing your personal summary helps recruiters to understand about you in short. Write about you work that will show confidence in you. Content for summary should be written in manner that recruiters should be interested to scan your resume further more.


Entering skills will help recruiters find your ability faster and also catch the attention of reader by making it clear what you can offer. Pointwise with decent bullets is recommended. Arrange a brief bulleted list of skills and experience which are relevant to the role.

Relevant Experience:

This is your work experience, include pay work and intern jobs you have done in past. Mention the year’s (duration / tenure) in each job in a proper manner. Write from backwards according to your most recent jobs i.e.  In descending order. Recheck all your work years if any gap please mention what have you done in those years. Just make sure you elaborate the experience in a positive way, Concentrate on the fact, which is the relevant skills you learned.


Recruiters will be interested to know where you went above and beyond the job that you were assigned. If you’ve been employee of the month or if you achieved your personal / team target you should mentioned it in achievements.

Education and Training   

In this point you should mentioned your academic education. Recruiter will be concerned about your education when you were 16 years old. Also make sure to write about your training that will define your eligibility for the job that you are applying for.


This one is optional but you should mention your hobbies and interests, please be brief on this. Avoid any political or unfriendly content. Don’t write about your religious and political views. This option should be focused mainly on how this job is suitable for you.

Good Luck

Good luck for your job search. Writing a CV is not a difficult task. If you keep the basics right you will be called for an interview. Remember resume should be written for getting an interview and not a job. If you’re seeking for jobs than our career page and blogs are valuable for you.

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