Things to Stop Doing in Interviews

things to stop doing in interviews
10 Things To Stop Doing in interviews

Landing in an Interview is just a start that you have impressed the HR manager and interviewer by writing a perfect resume. You must be aware of what you are doing in your job interview.  Unfortunately, a lot of talented candidates get to their eye to eye interview and completely blow their chances through one or many mistakes that gives the interviewer the wrong impression. Following are the things to stop doing in interviews

#1 How will you feel if the recruiter hadn’t bother going through your resume? Same way don’t go without any knowledge about the company. Visit the Company’s website and go through their about us tab, it will help you to tackle the interview with confidence.

#2 Don’t show up late on your interview,

be on time, and if some situation arises, inform your interviewer about being late. Interviewer had blocked his time for you, so you should respect that.

#3 Don’t fiddle with your mobile, it will give a bad impression that you are avoiding the interview. Best thing is to switch off your mobile before entering main entrance of building.

#4 Don’t go with a bad attitude, you can have a terrible day in train or bus, taking that vibes with you in an interview will give the employer an idea that you are more concerned to everything in the world except your job.

#5 Don’t over-rehearse. Company’s hire people and not robots. Give genuine answers to the employer questions also don’t be too comfortable or familiar that  the employer feels awkward about that.

#6 Don’t criticize your former superior or company, it gives an impression that you are quick to blame others. Any manager who would listen to you criticizing your previous company is probably thinking you would do the same to them at a moment’s notice.

#7 Don’t give irrelevant answer’s to interviewer questions. Stop going off-focus and wandering into content the interviewer did not ask you.

#8 Stop looking away from the interviewer thinking about the question, also don’t fill up your answers with “umhh”, “you know” and saying “good question” that makes you weak.

#9 Stop looking at clock if you’re already disinterested in your first eye-to-eye interview, this isn’t a good sign for that company if they hire you.

#10 Ask questions to the interviewer it shows you are concerned about learning more. Stop thinking that job ends after interview. Follow up with an email, phone call but not too much that interviewer gets irritate with you.

Following these tips for your job interview will greatly increase your chance of getting shortlisted. You should have skills such that it makes you ideal candidate

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