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How To Offer Help To Your Co-worker?

offer help to co-worker

Be consistent reliable

Efforts you can put to help your co-worker is to perform your own duties perfectly and follow through all the duties that you have promised. Helping others and neglecting your own task is also not beneficial as it hinders the overall performance of the team. Working with the person who is irresponsible towards his work is quite infuriating. On the other hand, if you are good performer your colleague can rely on your work and can spend more time in their task.

Provide help with time consuming but simple tasks

If you have spare time in official hours help your colleague with the tasks that are simple but time consuming. That can be creating mailing list or piling up the files. Such kind of help will free your colleague for other complicated tasks. If your colleague is asking for help in a task which is not easy for you, a simple “no” in this situation can be considerate.

Offer Resources

There might be cases where your research or resources can be helpful to the colleagues. For instance, you have created a report that can assist your co-worker in making the presentation file or you have acquaintance that can shed some light in the topic of the presentation. Offering such resources can always add significant values to your colleague’s work.

Be considerate

Sometimes helping colleagues isn’t about contributing work, but more about supporting them. If someone’s pressed for time, offer to help out by doing a coffee run or taking his or her calls for the afternoon.

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