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6 Ways To Improve Your Email Etiquette

Appropriate Email-id

Use of sobriquet in professional email address can be unethical for your job search. Generate new email address for your job hunt if required. For instance, email addresses like or most likely doesn’t send out the best message. It is recommendable to use email address for job search that begins either with the first or last name and shall contain your full name.

Clear Subject Line and pertinent message

Subject field is like peephole of the door which determines whether the person on the other end is impressed or intrigued enough to let you in. Make sure that the subject line gives reader idea about the body of the mail. Description of subject field in the mail body should be precise that means it shouldn’t be too long that the person won’t be interested to read your whole mail or not too short that you are unable to deliver the whole information to the reader. Also, the message in the body of the mail should be relevant with subject line.

Use the correct Case

Let me inform you that using all capital letters in your message doesn’t make your mail important. In fact, USING ALL CAPITAL LETTERS LOOKS AS IF YOU’RE SHOUTING.  For emphasis, use asterisks or bold formatting to emphasize important words. Don’t embed graphics in your message, as not everyone’s e-mail program may be able to display them.

Remember that your tone can’t be heard in e-mail

Have you ever attempted sarcasm in an e-mail, and the person who you sent it to took it the wrong way? E-mail communication can’t convey the nuances of verbal communication. In an attempt to infer tone of voice emoticons are commonly used. Use them sparingly so that you don’t appear unprofessional.

End your email in the right way

Sincerely, best wishes, kind regards is probably better than cheers!

Use a signature that includes contact information

To ensure that people know who you are, include a signature that has your contact information, including phone numbers.

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