Recruitment Techniques In 2015

Recruitment Techniques In 2015

There has been noticeable changes in the traditional approach of Recruitment practices so as to influence the talent from diverse mediums. Today, is the time when recruiting the best talent from the market is considered as the most valuable metric for the organizational success. Earlier like four years down the line, traditional hiring method were the employee referrals or print media but referral program was the best suited method for search of talented candidates at that time. Nowadays job board and social professional networks are preferred for sourcing quality candidates. Recruitment through social practices precedes to successful, talented and retained candidates which makes 70% of recruiters to spend more in Social media. Recruiters tend to spend more on LinkedIn than other social media channels. To segregate 90% recruiters are using LinkedIn while 60 % are more likely to use Facebook platform for Recruitment Practices. Following techniques are used for high level recruitment:

Wide Search Plan

Recruiters had started with the wide search technique of hunting candidates irrespective of the fact that they are active or passive. Active are the candidates who are presently seeking employment while the passive are the ones who are not in search of job change but willing to speak to recruiters. Such candidates are the key talent that cannot be missed. In-fact on LinkedIn network 70% of the connections are passive but would interested in new job leads. HR Recruitment Consultants should take initiative to capitalize more on the passive talent pool.

Employer Branding

Great working environment alongwith the moral work-culture are the chief factors which candidates hunt for alongwith the job roles and responsibilities. Organizations has seen drastic change in the hiring process with the impact of reputable and recognizable employer brand. With reputable brand name recruitment cost is reduced by 50%. To give an edge to other employers, Morpheus Human Consulting HR Recruitment consultants has started highlighting the company culture of the clients to give the candidates in-depth understanding of the organization.

Mobile Recruitment

Mobile Phones has become the essential device for recruitment with the flow of time. Disproportion between the candidates that uses mobile device for job applications and recruiters who are not willing to invest in mobile sites is huge. It is recommendable for the Recruitment Consultants to mobile-optimize job postings and make the recruitment website mobile friendly. The easier it is for candidates to search and apply, the more applicant’s recruiters will be able to screen.